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Insect Problems at Home?

Being a working parent with children, bills and responsibilities add stress to an already tiresome day. What is even more annoying is the discovery of roaches in the kitchen pantry. Roaches are survivors, they are known to wade through water, eat deadly poison and evade the harshly roach killer spray.

That is why I have developed my own techniques for finding and eliminating roaches. Here at least five great tips for getting rid of insects, including roaches, from your home. It’s better to use these methods than to use harsh roach killer sprays like these.

roach killer

Keep these pesky little devils away!

Tip # 1 Keep Water and Food Out of Insects Path

Roaches and other insects must have a source of food if they are to survive. However, they can live for a month without food, but not longer than a week without water. Find and seal off any water leaks in the home. Once the water supply is eliminated, they will be more than willing to eat any gel or roach bait you put down.

Tip # 2 Make Your Home Spotless

Discard old newspapers, books, and magazines. Coaches and other insects like to hide inside paper creases, and inside old magazines. Also clean the dishes after each meal, and never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Rinse off any bits of food, crumbs, and grease, and please wipe up any spill instantly. Wipe down the table, countertops and other surfaces with a bleach solution.

Tip # 3 Seal Food Containers Properly

Do not leave food unattended or unopened for any length of time. Roaches have a second sense when it comes to foods and drinks. Do not leave any fruits on the countertop, as this is a habit many parents have. Children may not pick up the fruit in time, and this gives the insect’s time to have a real feast, and to pass along a few germs.

Tip # 4 Keeps Floors and Baseboards Clean

Throughout the day, someone is bound to drop a crumb or two or spill a drink. Although, the crumbs are picked up and the spill is wiped away, you can still leave residue behind. It is the residue that these insects feast on, that keeps them alive and well. Mop the floors constantly, and do not slop any water against the baseboards or walls. It only takes a one drop of water to satisfy the thirst of roaches, and keep them alive.

Tip # 4 Take Out the Trash Regularly

Roaches love to hang around the garbage bin, hoping to fall inside and eat their hearts out. Do not give them this pleasure. Take your trash out daily.

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Tips for Cleaning Houses With Toddlers

Tips for Cleaning Houses With ToddlersToddlers are some of the messiest people on the planet. Having lived with small children for a little while now, I’m convinced that messing up the house is actually a hobby for them. The tips for cleaning house when you have toddlers are all about survival, or eventually your house is going to look like a toy store exploded and took out a bathroom with it.

One thing that I think works is trying to clear your house of as many surplus possessions as possible. Your toddler will find them, no matter how hard you try to keep them out of reach, and soon you’ll be stepping on them at night. I say embrace a minimalist household decor as long as your kids are little, and then you can start sprucing up the place.

A lot of being a parent is staying alert at all times, and that’s what you have to do when it comes to messes. You can usually got some of them clean as long as you get to them quickly enough, but that won’t work if the messes dry. Eco-friendly cleaner, dishrags, paper towels, and club soda are your best friends as long as you have young children.

Tips for Cleaning Houses With ToddlersBefore I had kids, I had goose down comforters on the beds. That was fine. The problem was, I also had them after I had kids, and the goose down comforters were white. I recommend owning things in as many stain concealing colors as possible, which means black and blue. However, I was able to get some of the stains out by laying on the club soda and scrubbing them out, and I even managed to do it before my toddler was back demanding a snack.

Club soda also has the advantage of not being toxic: it’s even drinkable. You should always just prepare for your toddler getting into almost anything, since no matter how much you baby-proof the place, toddlers seem to have superpowers. Their powers only increase when you baby proof stuff, so you really just have to keep the toxins to a minimum.

When you have toddlers, you spend half of your life cleaning one way or another. It’s just a reality you have to accept. I try to vacuum as often as possible and clean the kitchen afterwards, just because I know that the kid is eventually going to lick the floor or the cabinets at some point. However, at least I get a clean floor and kitchen.

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Plan Ahead When Traveling With Small Children

Top Travel Spots with ToddlersTraveling with small children can be as much fun as it is frustrating. I have found that even though we’ve chosen to take them out of their regular routine, they have not necessarily agreed. They still need the same amount of sleep, food and entertainment. They are not willingly going to travel endless miles, with little food and nothing to entertain and keep them busy. I have learned however; that there are ways to properly prepare for the trip that will make it much more enjoyable for both me, and my family.

Do not hurry

Young children love to explore new things and places. If you plan for extra time to allow for some explorations there is less anxiety about getting going before they’ve checked some to the new stuff out.. Extra time in the schedule will also make it less stressful when you have to make more bathroom visits than you thought, or have to stop and grab a drink and snack to tide the little one over.visit http://www.steveanddawn.com/2015/03/top-travel-spots-toddlers/ for top travel spots which may also prove useful to you which traveling with toddlers.

Plan where you will stay ahead of time

Plan where you will stay ahead of timeYou might be thinking the trip is going to go well just doing things as they come up, like you did BC (before children). Thinking you will just get a campsite when you arrive, or you’ll look for a good hotel when you reach the city might be the beginning of a very long night. I have found just being able to picture the hotel room or the campsite that will be at the end of our day gives me peace of mind. Getting to a destination only to find there are no rooms, or sites, and having to get back in the car with hungry, tired children does not make a happy family vacation. Plan ahead, pack your children’s favorite blankets, for example my daughter can’t sleep without here favorite down comforter. Book your rooms or camp sites ahead of time so they are ready and waiting for all of you is much more peaceful.

Be prepared for the different weather

If you are going into winter like weather, be sure you have proper cold weather clothes. The same for going to a hot sunny beach location, be prepared with sandals and sun screen. A child will become very crabby and irritable if their bodies are not comfortable.

Leave the crayons and color books at home, bring some new Apps

In this wonderful world of technology it is incredibly simpler to bring along a device that it preloaded with young children Apps. No worries about losing crayons, filling up books or just having to pack all the extras needed. One small device with a variety of Apps should keep a young one busy for a long time.

These are just a few pieces of advice to make that trip with your small child more enjoyable. Planning ahead and trying to keep some of his or her routines in place, along with bringing some of their favorites along should help you and your family relax and enjoy.

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